Friday, 10 January 2014

We're up and running again

I realise it is a little while since I posted anything on this blog. But apart from moaning about being injured and loosing any fitness I may have had.  There was not much else to write about.

I managed to get some gentle runs in over the Christmas holiday period.  However, this week, despite to few twinges to the troublesome hamstring I have managed to start picking things up a bit.  Steady runs on Monday and Wednesday have been spiced up by a session of 8x1 minute with 1 minute jog recovery on Tuesday and 2 miles tempo sandwiched between a long warm up and warm down last night.

So hopefully, things are once again, moving the right direction.  I have entered the Dentdale Run, which is a little over 14 miles at the beginning of March, which will give me something to aim for. 

In the meantime it will be a question of building up towards that and identifying a couple of races or Park Runs along the way, in order to monitor progress.

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