Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bits and pieces

On the 29th January I posted a blog 'Is it a race or not? - of course it is' in which I talked about Parkrun and whether or not it is really a race.  Well coincidently, following that post, Parkrun has featured quite heavily in the Athletics Weekly, over the past two weeks.

Firstly in an article by Jason Henderson where he felt that Parkrun was a race but had been criticized by 'parkrun' for the use of such terminology as 'race' and 'win' where they prefer terms such as 'coming first'.

Then in last weeks AW, the 'Your Say' page features a letter from a Mr Hamilton.  Although he supports and actively takes part in Parkrun, he does express his concern with the prohibition of the term 'win' within Parkrun vocabulary.

Mr Hamilton also raises another interesting point.  "that on September 21st a total of 294 Veteran men (M40 plus only) ran in Kent county's 6 Parkruns.  On the same day there was a total of just 10 finishers from M35 to M70 level in the Kent County Veterans' 5000m Championships"

Semantics  aside though Parkrun, whether it's used as a race, time trial or as part of a fitness programme should be applauded and supported.

As for what effect Parkrun has on entries to more 'traditional' races, well I suppose that will also depend on how the organisers of such events promote their races.  Personally, I intend to do both Parkrun and County Championships.


I realise from checking the data for this blog that a number of readers are from outside the UK.  However, for those of you who are located in Britain I am sure the arguments and the uproar raised against Michael Gove and the Department of Education for their promotion of exercise and running in particular, as a punishment for mis-behaving school pupils, have not gone unnoticed.

It's obviously not just me but it is difficult to believe how someone can include such an idiotic idea into Government education plans.  Especially when you consider one of the Government focuses is supposed to be the encouragement of a healthy and active lifestyle etc.

Brendan Foster was interviewed by the Daily Mirror and accused the Government of 'demonising running'.  Saying that organisations and events such as the GNR had gone a long way in popularising and getting people involved in running and a healthy lifestyle.

I also liked, if that is the correct term, another of Fosters comments aimed at Gove "I'd like to make him run around a school field - If I could find one.  He has been selling them off."

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