Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Frustration rules

My plan of easing back into things with a few easy jogs seemed to me to be the sensible approach.  However, in reality even this has proved to be a step to far.  Without going into all the gory details it has become obvious that at this point in time even a very easy jog over 2 miles on grass is beyond me and as a result I am side-lined once again.

You can, no doubt, imagine my frustration at the situation.  A frustration which is being heightened by the fact that friends, family and fellow bloggers who run all seem to be going particularly well.  Such as:

Shaun - who ran a solid first leg at last weekends 12 stage and who would not surprise me if he set a new pb at this weekend's London Marathon.

Peter H - who ran a pb for 10km at Blyth last weekend - always a good sign as you prepare for a marathon, in Peter's case Edinburgh.

Peter C - who put in his usual solid performance at the Manchester Marathon on Sunday

Also at Manchester was fellow blogger Andrew Pearson. Read his account of his race here Andrew ran a pb of 2.39.21 and as a result is currently sitting at the top of this years M40 rankings for the marathon!

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