Monday, 5 May 2014

Hash house fun

As usual for my Sunday run I drive down to Swalwell to meet fellow Blaydon Harriers, where we normally base our runs along the Derwent Walk.

As I left home this Sunday I noticed an arrow chalked on the pavement outside our house.  I thought nothing of it and headed off to Swalwell.  The aim being to slightly increase the mileage over the previous Sunday, as I slowly build back up to some form of fitness.

Having laboured through a slow 11 miles I then headed back home, feeling a mix of
Satisfaction, for managing to increase my mileage, and frustration, for being so slow and fading over the last couple of mile.

It was a surprise therefore that I noticed, on my return home, a large group of runners assembling in the pub car park next to where I live.

Was there a new race that I did not know about and literally right on my doorstep?

As I got out of the car I recognised a face from some years back of an ex Elswick Harrier.  Are you coming to join us? He shouted over as he in turn caught sight of me.

It wasn't a race, however, but Newcastle Hash House Harriers on there monthly Hare and Hounds type run.  For anyone not familiar with this, it is where one person, the hare, sets a trail using flour, and in this case chalk, which the other runners, the hounds, have to follow.

Newcastle Hash House choose a different location for each of their runs and on this occasion they had just happened to have chosen Medomsley. I was tempted to go with them and indeed if I had been fitter would have, but  I was well aware that in my present state of fitness I would be better off declining the invitation to join in  on some 'old time' running fun.

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