Friday, 16 May 2014

View from the back of the pack

I am still sticking to my plan of slowly building up the training.  However, I must admit to struggling and a sense of frustration.  I have started back training with my usual group.  Although I use the term

Newburn Bridge
'with' loosely, as even in the warm -up on Tuesday I found myself about 100m of the back of the group.  The ensuing pyramid session was tough but satisfying to get under the belt.

Last night was a steady run along the banks of the rivers Derwent and Tyne, up to Newburn Bridge and back.  Once again I was 'tail end Charlie' and had to slog it out. But at least I finished before closing time and rewarded my efforts with a refreshing pint of Black Sheep.

Yesterday, I also entered the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon in July.  I think this is about the 25th time I will have ran this race and have got to admit to it being one of my favourites.

So my upcoming racing schedule now looks like this:

- 9th June; The Blaydon Race
- 9th July; The Bridges of the Tyne 5
-19th July; The Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon

For the time being I guess I will just have to keep slogging away

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