Monday, 2 June 2014

A mighty fine read

As my training is still just ticking over, it has afforded me some extra time for reading.  Yesterday, I finished 'Running with the Kenyans' by Adharanand Finn, and it has to be said it is a great read.


The story is of a year spent in Kenya by the author with the aim of discovering the secret of the Kenyan success at distance running and the pursuit by the author in improving his own pb's.

I found this an enthralling book. From immersing, not just himself but his whole family into a totally different culture to the descriptions of Kenyan training along with anecdotes such as the delay to the start of the Lewa Marathon due to there being lions spotted on the course.

Well worth a read.


Talking of marathons, my last post was regarding the organisers of the Edinburgh Marathon not issuing full race results.  However, it now seems that they have bowed to public pressure saying:

"Thank you for all your feedback and for telling us what is important to you.  We value our runners and we now know that only publishing your results within your My Details account was the wrong decision. We thought that this was the runner’s preference to receive results exclusively, however we have been listening to your feedback and now understand and accept that this is not appropriate for you."

Full results of all the races held over the marathon weekend can now be found here


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