Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Blaydon Race 2014

Last nights Blaydon Race was held in near perfect conditions and as the race got under way, although I did not go off as fast as I would have liked.  It was faster than planned and as my pace at the end of the race confirmed, obviously too fast for my current state of fitness.

Despite not wearing a watch I realised that as we approached 2 miles and recognising some of the other runners around me, that I wasn't that far off where I should have expected to have been, had I been in reasonable shape and probably on for a time of somewhere around 36 minutes.

However, any sense of satisfaction was short lived as between 2 and 3 miles I felt a painful tweak of my left hamstring.  I would like to say that the resulting slowing of pace was in order to protect said hamstring.  However, it was probably as much the inevitable slowing to my current level and so it became a question of just hanging on as best as I could to the finish.

Finishing in 446th place in a time of 38.58 gives an average pace of 6.44 per mile for the 5.9 mile course.

Full race results can be found here however the main positions were:

1st Peter Emase 26.34 (average pace 4.34 per mile)
2nd Boniface Kiprop Kongin 26.48
3rd Nick Swinburn 27.11

1st Joanne Chelimo 29.42 (14th overall)
2nd Gladys Yator 29.42 (15th overall)
3rd Rebecca Robinson 30.22 (21st overall)

Despite how the above account reads, I still 'enjoyed' the run.  After all the aim was just to have a harder workout than a run by myself would have given.  Also after not having raced for so long it felt good just to be back in a competitive situation.  Hopefully this hamstring will sort itself out quite quickly and I can get some more races in.

More photos from the race can be found here and here

As usual thanks to Francesca for photos

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