Monday, 9 June 2014

Decision time

The plan was to have reached a level of fitness to be able to put in a good performance at this evening's Blaydon Race.  Unfortunately though, this just hasn't happened and I have had to ease even further back in my training. 

 As Gary Dunn would say in his blog dunnrunning "The best training plans are written in pencil".  So with this in mind the decision is to still run tonight.  With the emphasis being on run, not race. 

Adopting the theory that I will run harder in a race than I would on my own.  I am treating tonight's race as a hard training run.  I aim to start well back in the field and try to maintain a steady pace, picking it up a little, should I be feeling good at any point.

Because, I will not be 'racing' tonight I have slotted another race into my upcoming schedule.  The Lambton 10km on 29th June.  So hopefully I will be in a better position by then.

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