Wednesday, 9 July 2014

In the words of Victor Meldrew............

"I Don't believe it!"

I know I am not currently in the best of form but I had based what running I am doing around a race  this week - The Bridges of the Tyne 5.

The only problem being that I  realised late on this evening that the race was not tomorrow night but today.

Yes, I had missed it!

To be honest it is not the first time I have got the race date wrong, such as the time I drove down to Preston for a half marathon only to find out that I was a week early or the time I drove to Richmond to find That the race was the next day.  But at least on those occasions I returned to take part in the race. This is the first time I have actually missed a race.

To rub salt into the wounds I thought, since I had missed out, I would enter the Great North 10km on Sunday, only to find out that entries had closed at lunchtime.

It's just not my day!

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Gary Dunn said...

You are not alone. I once turned up for the Middlesbrough 10k and after warming up realised there wasn't many runners about and in fact the marshalls weren't setting barriers up but putting them away. I was half hour too late but at least I was first home.Home as in home and not the finish.
That's running life for you.