Monday, 1 December 2014

World Masters

Reading the Athletics Weekly over the past few weeks there have been a couple of articles about London bidding for the 2018 World Masters Championships. It would have been great to run in the Olympic Stadium but alas it is not to be, as they seemingly can guarantee use of the stadium for only one of the required 12 days!

However it appears that Cardiff are coming to the rescue as they consider making a bid for the event.

I have competed at the World Masters on two occasions.  Firstly as an M40, when the event was held for the first time in Britain, at Gateshead in 1999.  I was entered for the 10000 m and marathon.  Unfortunately I picked up a virus in the lead up so did not start the marathon.  I did however turn out in the 10000, finishing 13th in 33.54.

The second occasion was as an M45, this time in Puerto Rico.  This time I ran in the cross country and again in the 10000m.  The cross country was over 8km on a flat lapped course adjacent to a beach that would have been perfect for those old Bounty adverts on the TV.  Held at 6am to avoid the heat of the day, I finished in 8th place.

A few days later the 10000m was held on a wet and windy evening.  This time I finished 6th in 35.26.

If Cardiff are successful I will be 61 years old, so towards the younger end of my age group.  So I am thinking this could become another longer term target.

As far as my running goes at present, I am unfortunately battling against a re-occurrence of hamstring problems but hopefully I can get things sorted ready for a fresh start in the new year.

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