Sunday, 8 February 2015

Every cloud has a bronze lining

Saturday saw Darlington blessed with a bright sunny day with temperatures reaching 11C for the NEMAA cross country championships.

The going was firm as we set off on the first of 4 laps of the 8km course (although in reality I think the course was a little shorter) around The Education Centre.  While the usual suspects, Stewy Bell, Jonathan Archer and Mark McLoad took up the pace I struggled to settle into any sort of rhythm until near the end of the first lap. 

Although the second and third laps felt much better I was unable to make any progress through the field and was passed by team mate Alan Storey as we approached the final lap and despite slowing a little maintained that position through to the finish.

The race was won by 35-40 category runner Kevin Jeffress of Sunderland Harriers.  Although I was well down in my age group, with the help of Alan Storey and Brian Liddle, Blaydon finished third team in the 55-64 age category.

Training partner Eric Steele had a good run in the M50 category but the best Blaydon result of the day was Angie Telford's 4th position overall to give her first place in the W50 category.

So first race back and definitely need a few more under the belt to get back into the habit.

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Fellrunner1975 said...

You're on the right track, keep it going!