Monday, 30 March 2015

Out April 9th

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis will know that I frequently post my thoughts on any books about running that I have been reading.

This time it's Nell McAndrew's Guide to Running, due to be published on April 9th.  The book, co-written with Lucy Waterlow, highlights Nell's love of running.  Aimed at those who are looking to take up running as well as those looking to improve, the book is packed with practical tips.  With specific sections looking at areas such as nutrition, women's running and the marathon.

The book also describes experience's of 'real' runners.

I suppose that it is here that I should admit my bias towards this book as I was asked and gladly submitted some training schedules for beginner, intermediate and experienced runners for the half marathon and full marathon.  Although if you are looking for schedules for sub 2.45 and sub 2.20 marathons, then these are provided by someone much more qualified to talk about those sorts of times than me - Richard Nerurkar.

There is only one slight problem as far as I am concerned. When checking runners pb's someone has obviously used the Power of 10 website, as the page shown opposite list my pb at half marathon as 1.16 and marathon as 2.49.  These are times I did in 2004 as a 47 year old.  The problem is that Power of 10 only goes back as far as 2000 and like many an older runner my pb's pre-date this and were achieved in 1986/87.

Luckily further into the book where the training schedules are presented they list my correct pb's 67 minutes for the half marathon and 2.25 for the marathon.

Nevertheless, I still think that this is a great book, especially for those just starting out and those who have been running for a little while, have now got the bug, and are looking to improve.

If anyone uses the training schedules then I hope they result in you getting a pb (especially if you use one that I have written).

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