Friday, 15 May 2015


Well my Cardioversion went ahead on Tuesday and I am glad to say that it was a success and I once again have a regular heartbeat.  Basically the procedure consists of a metal plate being placed upon your chest and another on your back, while an electric current is passed through you stopping and restarting the heart.  If the procedure is a success then your heart beat returns to a regular rhythm.  When thinking about it I keep thinking of a scene from an early black and white Frankenstein film, where The body is lying on the table waiting for the lightning strike to bring the body to life.

I have only done a couple of very easy 5 mile runs since Tuesday and although I am not bounding about like some spring lamb I do feel a lot more comfortable when running than I did prior to the procedure.  Whether this is all in the mind, actually the case or a combination of both I am not sure.  But whatever the case I feel a lot happier and I can now start planning and working towards some races.


Back in May 2011 I published a post about art in running. This week I came across a video celebrating the 61st anniversary of the sub4 minute mile. Entitled IffleyRoad icons which consists of 270 hand drawer frames, featuring icons of British running.

Video from Iffley Road

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