Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting back into it

Last night I did an 8 mile fartlek session.  This was my first attempt at any kind of speed work since the Cardioversion procedure 3 weeks ago.  The week of the procedure saw me get 18 miles of very easy jogging  in.  The following week I managed 28 miles and last week I up'd it to 43.  All slow and easy miles.

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon
I am feeling a lot more comfortable when I am running now, which is great, but the problem now is after so many months of slow / easy running it is difficult to pick up the pace for any length of time. So I am viewing last nights session as the start of, "getting back into it".

Although it is a little early to start thinking about racing, my clubs race, 'The Blaydon' is next Tuesday and I intend to just run around the course, treating it as a harder training run and enjoying the atmosphere.

I have also entered the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon on 18th July.  Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will know that this is one of my favourite races.  This will be my 25th time of running it during its 31 year history.  As to whether I will be in any sort of shape to race it rather than just run around remains to be seen.  But, here's hoping!

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