Friday, 12 June 2015

More running events in the Olympics?

Their have been applications from 26 new sports to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  The list of applications includes, Baseball, Sport Climbing, Surfing and Karate, see Inside the Games

No pun intended, but currently the only running orientated event to find its way onto the list is Orientation.  However, Brett Larner in his blog Japan Running News suggests that an Ekiden would be ideal.

For those who don't know an Ekiden , which comes from the Japanese term originally referring to a post-horse or stagecoach which transmitted communication by stages, is a long distance relay running race, usually on the roads.

The Ekiden is very popular in Japan, and although the distance can vary, as can the number of runners.  Brett Larner suggests a course that already exists.  The Hakone Ekiden Day One course which comprises of "five stages, each roughly a half marathon, with 900m of climb on the final stage finishing in full view of Mt. Fuji.

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