Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon 2015

As stated in the previous post, my aim for this race was just to get around, hopefully in a time faster than last year.  So as we gathered for the start on the road outside the Bishop Wilton Show Field.  I wormed my way well down in the field.  Opting for a easy start and hopefully being able to work my way through the field.

There had been 158 pre -entries for the race but a flurry of entries on the day took this to over 200 and most of them seemed to be ahead of me as I settled into a steady rhythm.

Although my aim was just to get around in a quicker time than last year, I must admit I did have an eye on a time of around 98 minutes.  Not a fast time by any means but certainly a time that would be a vast improvement on my recent form.

The first mile is a quick mile but I was still surprised to find that I passed the mile marker a minute and a half quicker than I expected from my loose plan.  But still the hills were to come and I had no doubt that I would loose time there.

One of the advantages of starting way back in the field was that, at least the first part of the race, I was passing people all along the way and that included on the hilly sections.  In fact on the long uphill to the finish I was still able to hold my position.

The race was won by, probably the pre-race favourite (at least in my eyes) Phil Taylor of Bridlington.

At the moment I am unable to find a copy of the official results but I think  I managed to finish in about the mid 40's in a time of 99.34.  Just over 6 minutes quicker than last year.  So I have to be satisfied with that.

At least until next year.........................................

Thanks as usual goes to Francesca for the photos.  More pictures of the show can be found


Fellrunner1975 said...

Well done, a booster!

Alan Dent said...

Thanks - Yes slowly but surely starting to move in the right direction