Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Could this be the fastest marathon yet?

The editorial of last weeks Athletics Weekly pointed to  big city marathons that are dropping the use of pacemakers.  Highlighting the Chicago Marathon not using pacemakers for the first time in 20 years and the forthcoming New York marathon which has not used pacemakers since 2007.

It goes on to point out that there are some athletics fans who relish the idea of fast times (and of course the sub 2 hour marathon has featured frequently in not just the sports media of late), while there are those who enjoy a more strategic race rather than just speed.

Well Athletics Kenya have recently announced that they are to hold their first ever Olympic Trials for the marathon.  Taking place on the second weekend of February next year.  When the first three male and female finishers will be selected.

Given the plethora of fast marathon runners within Kenya then this could  surely be one of the fastest marathons ever - unless of course the runners become wary of each other and it turns into a slower, more strategic race?


As far as my running is concerned I did a session of Mile reps last week,  as I start to pick things up a bit, and yes I did need the help of someone (a pacemaker) to pull me through - Thanks Liam!

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