Thursday, 26 November 2015

My drug of choice

I hope that the title of this post has not lead you to expecting some great revelation of drug taking on my part.  But I do have a drug of choice:


Much has been written in the past with regards to the 'runners high'.  However, an article in last weeks AW reported on a study by Cumberland University in Tennessee which found that 16.5% of runners of all abilities, suffer a craving for running that is so strong that it can be likened to a physical addiction to drugs.

Probably not surprising, the study found that those who ran more miles on more days than average were most at risk of developing a dependence on their activity.  'Cravings' they found, were especially prominent among those who ran half and full marathons, and not being able to get a 'fix' of running could lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression in some runners.

I have thought about this article and some of the comments made of me by friends and family over the last week and although I am not looking for some sought of cure.  Nor do I necessarily suffer from either of the above complaints.  I will admit:

                                                    I am a runner and I am addicted.

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