Monday, 4 January 2016

Out with the old and in with the new

A review of my running for 2015 I'm afraid doesn't make for much shouting about in either quantity or quality.  So at least I can be hopeful of a more successful 2016 with some degree of confidence.  On the race front, I only managed to turn out 6 times over the year (and 2 of those were Park Runs) with the last time being back in July.

Mileage wise, I must admit to being reasonably happy with chalking up 1851 miles for the year, considering the problems I have had(which keeps me nicely on target for my long term goal of reaching 100,000 miles before turning 65 - currently I am at 88,575). Unfortunately most of those miles have been slow and steady.  Mind you three operations in the last three years have done nothing to help my speed but at least I am still running and looking forward to  some improvements during 2016.

I have been thinking about targets for this year and have decided to target 3 'A' races up until July. All are race I would normally do but feel have not performed well in over the last couple of years. Then review where I am at and set targets for the second part of the year. 

The three races will be:

- The North East Masters Cross Country Championships in February
- The Blaydon Race in June
- The Yorkshire Wolds 1/2 Marathon in July


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