Friday, 26 February 2016


Anyone who is familiar with my blog will know that I enjoy reading about running and athletics nearly as much as actually doing it and frequently mention in my blog posts the book that I have been reading.

Unfortunately I have not had the time recently for very much reading.  However, I have been following closely Rob Hadgraft's blog Diary of a clapped-out Runner

Rob has written a number of books about runners of the past and is currently researching material to write a book about Sydney Wooderson.

As part of his research he is visiting (by way of a personal challenge to celebrate his 60th birthday) and running at 60 of the places where Sydney Wooderson raced during his career.

The blog, recording the progress of the challenge gives an interesting insight into the race venues used in the past. and is well worth a follow,

Here's looking forward to the publication of the book.


Rob Hadgraft said...

Thanks for giving 'Project Sydney' a mention Denty!
Just watched the Royal Signals Relay video - some of the faster runners there were really flying along - relays do seem to bring out the best in people. Nice looking venue too.

Alan Dent said...

No problem

Relay venue was smashing and excellent for spectators