Friday, 10 June 2016

Trials, tribulations and a little joy

A redistribution of the prize money for this year's Blaydon Race meant that the usual clutch of East African runners did not feel it was worth their time to travel up to the North East and as a result the front of the race had a more in depth local feel.

The leading trio of Peter Newton, Ryan McLoad  and Ian Hudspeth. heading a field of 4000 runners from Newcastle to Blaydon.  Peter Newton making an initial break around about Scotswood Bridge, only to be reeled back in by McLoad and Hudspeth.  Before surging ahead once again along Chainbridge Road to take first place.  Ali Dixon taking the woman's race.

Not that I saw any of it mind you, as I helped make up the trail of runners who followed in their wake. But to be honest I was just glad to be running ( not that I had ever expected to be up at the front end mind you). Having got a couple of steady weeks training in, following yet another injury, I did an interval session last Thursday only to suffer a reoccurrence. This required a further few days off and when I tried to run on Monday this week could only manage 2 miles before breaking down again.

However, another couple of easy days saw great improvements and me standing on the start at St Nicholas Cathedral in eager anticipation.  The plan, to just jog the course, went out of the window as soon as the horn signalled the start of the race.  The suspicion that I was probably running to fast for my current fitness levels was confirmed when club mate Liam, who is running very well at the moment came past me after the first mile.  By the time  we had reached  3 miles I was already just hanging on to the end of the race another 2 and a bit miles away in Blaydon.  But I got there in 38.23 and I must admit I am quite pleased with that.

- under the circumstances.

As ever Thanks to Francesca for the photos

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