Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon 2016

Well Saturday dawned bright and sunny over the Yorkshire Wolds and I decided that despite my injury problems that I should be OK to just jog around.  The temperature was already rising as we lined up for the start on the road outside the Show Ground and I settled in towards the back of the throng.

The starting list had shown 320 entries but the results only show just over 150 finishers.  Although conditions were challenging this year people must have decided not to run rather than there being a large number of drop outs.

I kept to my plan and ran easy, trying not to agrevate things but as we came to the steep downhill off road section just after the first mile my left hamstring and groin area started to tighten.  Once on the flat again, though and I was able to control things.

It may be frustrating not being able to stride out and run comfortably but it does give you time to admire the scenery and despite having ran this race so many times I had never appreciated some of the views across East Yorkshire before.

As far as possible I did try to compete against those around me and as the race progressed I did manage to start picking up a few places.  However, most of  this good work was about to unravel as on the final climb my left hamstring, groin and glute tightend and became so painful that I was forced to walk/jog to the finish

But at least I made it and kept my run of taking part in this event intact.

The race was once again won by Phil Taylor of Bridlington Harriers in 78.48 from Paul Whitikar of York Acorn in 81.49

For the record I finished in 112.44 for 48th place

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