Friday, 16 June 2017

It's a u - turn

Margaret Thatcher may have famously said "the lady is not for turning'. But it would appear that this runner is.

While training with the group the other evening I was reminded that a couple of year back I had said that when I failed to break 40 minutes for the Blaydon Race then it would be time for me to hang up my running shoes and buy a pair of carpet slippers (and perhaps a pipe?).

Seemingly, nobody thought I would actually keep to my pronouncement but reminding me of it was a good way of winding me up a little and probably had the desired affect.

Yes - unfortunately, that day has come.  A time of 40.21 for this years race should be heralding my change of lifestyle.  But there is not a chance - I'm sure it was only a blip anyway and I will be back under 40 minutes next year (although I don't think I will ever get back down to the sub 30 minutes of the past).

Anyhow I have the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon coming up in four weeks time.  Not to mention my long term goal of running a grand total of 100,000 mile (should reach 91,000 next week) before my 65th birthday.

The end of this years 'Blaydon' and just about to be passed by
Eric who kindly reminded me of my retirement pledge 

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