Monday, 3 July 2017

Plodding on

As usual, things aren't going to plan.  Although last week saw me pass the 91,000 mile point in my long term goal of running 100.000 miles I am a little behind the schedule I set myself. 

From yesterday's hobble along the Derwent Walk
A heavy fall the week before last has resulted in my mileage taking a significant bashing, along with my body,

The resulting shoulder and hamstring problems
have also affected my preparations for my annual trip down to the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon. 

Although I was not in startling form I had been making steady progress and had fancied myself to have a reasonable run and perhaps even figure in my age category. I still intend to turn out but once again I fear it will just be a case of  running around to complete the course.

It will at least keep my 'run' of, I believe this will be, 28 consecutive times I have ran this race, going, 

Perhaps I should change my emphasis away from racing for time / position and just concentrate on longevity?

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