Thursday, 5 October 2017

Can any form of cheating be supported?

Parkrun is an undoubted success. It gives thousands of people, every weekend, the opportunity to run / walk a timed 5km course and provides a vehicle for them to measure their progress and it has encouraged non-active people to become engaged in our sport.

Some people, though, still can't get their heads around what Parkrun is about.  One of these would appear to be the editor of Runner's World UK, who recently despatched a journalist to take part in a parkrun and to secretly 'cheat' by not completing the full 5km and then to write about his experience.  Whether you are a fan of parkrun or not, surely this cannot be condoned.

Can encouraging any form of cheating be supported?  You would think that a national magazine that covers and supposedly supports running would be the least likely to support such an act.  And instead positively record the increased participation in running and volunteering, not undermine it.

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