Monday, 28 February 2011

Snake Lane 10

Well I did say it would be a case of seeing how it goes. Unfortunately it didn't go that well.

As I warmed up before the race I was happy to notice that the recent knee pain had disappeared, so started in a positive state of mind. Going through the first mile in 6 minutes dead, I felt as though I had made a conservative but steady start. However, things soon started to backfire, with twinges from my right hamstring.

Reaching 5 miles in 34minutes, things were looking bleak as I as I continued to drop back towards the rear of the field. Fearing the worse, I decided that if I could not break 70 mins for 10 miles I was going to retire from racing altogether.

It was shortly after making this decision that I latched onto a group of four others and was able to use the group to up my pace with some success. However just after 7 miles, my lower back, glutes and both hamstrings had tightened and I was some discomfort as I had to let the group go.

The next 2 miles or so was as quick a shuffle as I could manage, reaching the finish in 66min 33sec and 106th place.

The race was won by Ricky Stevenson of New Marske Harriers in 48.03 which I think is a new course record. First M50 went to Philip Teece of Billingham Marsh House in 60.00


Terry Lonergan said...

Hi Alan, You fail to mention that there were 556 behind you and that you were 10 of 60 in the age group in a good quality field. Also ran a better 2nd half? Many people can only dream of the time you ran!
But having said all that you were obviously less than comfortable in the hamstring area and this prevents you from steaming on ahead as previous. Your natural instinct is to slow down and just get through the race.
I think tomorrow is a key day for you.
At 54 you have to ask yourself can you join the lads at the club for another session as you would have done previously. If you do I think you run a great risk of further damage to the hamstrings!
Forgive me but if you must go to the club tomorrow I would recommend an easy run with perhaps someone who also ran the race at no faster than 8.30 pace. Steady on weds and possibly push the pace again on Thursday.
Like it or not we have to accept that races take a toll on legs that have been "used" for so many years and need nursing for longer than previous.
If you have had ice pads around the hamstrings already now is the time!
Take care....especially tomorrow!

Alan Dent said...

Thanks Terry - I wasn't trying to decry other peoples times - just frustrated that I know I can run faster.

You are right in that I should take it easy at the club and I will, although I must admit my instinct is to put in a hard session just to get the race result out of the system.

Antony Bradford said...

Agree with Terry - Highlighting the positives of a race is better than dwelling on the negatives. Take it easy for a bit and you will be back.

I also like your 'cure' for the knee pain - getting another twinge that hurts more.

Best of luck with your recovery and your next race.