Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Back on track

Last night saw a return to the track at Chester -le- Street. The evening was clear and sunny and with temperatures around 13C it was good conditions, despite the persistent breeze down the home straight. The session was 6 x 600 with 2 mins jog recovery and a target of 2 mins per effort.

My target time turned out to be a little ambitious as I recorded times of :

2.02; 2.04; 2.08; 2.06; 2.09; 2.09

But still at this point in time I am happy with the session and after recent history am viewing the fact that I got the session in as a bonus.

Following last Tuesday's track session I played it cautious and did a Gym session on the Wednesday. Thursday though, I let enthusiasm get the better of me. The plan was for a 4 mile steady run. When, however I reached the turn off to take me back home I decided to extend the loop making it 6 miles, then again when I reached the next turn off I again decided to extend the run by a further 2 miles.

The last mile now became quite a steep climb and unfortunately left my knees very painful. As a result I did not run the following 2 days, although on Sunday I did manage an easy 8 miles on much gentler terrain.

S0 the plan for the rest of the week is to kerb the enthusiasm a little and build up a little more sensibly.


Christina said...

Oh, it sure isn't easy to curb that enthusiasm that has been building up in you, right?
Take care of those knees. You still have many many miles to run.

And thank you very much for your kind words.

Natalia said...

Wow that is a super time! I actually did a track workout on Thursday and tried 6x800. I had to break each 800m up into 400 as it was a bit too intense for me. So with a good rest between each 400m, my 800m time was around 4:17 on average. I had to stick with that, as my watch was set to 800, and it was too complicated to change it. Your workout is amazing. Good job.
Hope the knees sort themselves out.....