Wednesday, 12 September 2012

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Did you manage to read today's issue of The Phuket News?

Well if you did, you will no doubt have read the article about Guy Ogden, entitled 'The science of running fast'.

The theme behind this article actually fits with a conversation I was having as we warmed up during last nights session.  Which was an 8 mile run around the Newburn Riverside route with 2 miles tempo in the middle.

Over the last week I have been feeling a little under the weather (yet again) and have struggled with my running, especially when trying to do anything faster than a steady pace. I therefore eased off the miles, took a rest day and did some alternative training in the gym on two other days.

As a result, last nights conversation revolved around alternative and cross training as a way of maintaining, enhancing and improving performance.  Anyone who knows me will already be aware that in the past my philosophy has been run, run, run, miles, miles, miles, and up until the last few years it has worked.

Although I must admit to still being a little sceptical / reluctant to fully embrace cross training I feel it is something I need to investigate further as old methods just aren't working the way they used to.

Which brings me back to The Phuket News.  The article looks at how alternative training methods are being used rather than a reliance upon mileage, in this case, due to climatic conditions.

The article can be read here

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