Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Sub 2 still some way off?

Having watched the London Marathon on Sunday, evidence would seem to suggest that the much talked about sub 2 hour marathon is still some way off.

Having completed the first half split in 61.34, the leading group then fell apart during the second half of the race.

Winner, Tsegay Kebede showing the beauty of even paced in the later stages of the race he cut his way through the early leaders with what looked like consummate ease.

As for my running, well at the moment, despite aching legs, sore knees and tiredness, things are progressing very nicely thank you.

In fact the list of ailments above are probably testament as to how well things are going rather than a complaint. Although I am aching and tired, it is in a good way, as my weekly mileage gradually increases (on target for 60+ miles this week, for the first time this year) and speed sessions are starting to show some improvement with a timed 5km being completed this week 10 seconds faster than last week.

Hopefully I can transfer this improvement to results in races soon.

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