Thursday, 25 February 2010

Marathon Training

Having had three or four years blighted by injuries and worsening performances (age) I have decided to do London again and for some reason to start this blog. I am now half way through schedule for London and things seem to be going well. I have not set a target time yet, but my pb of 2.25 (London 1987) is way out of reach. However I would like to still dip under worst time of 2.57 (London 83) and would be happy with a time of around the same as my last one 2.49 (London 2004).

A group of seven of us from Blaydon Harriers are entered for London this year - Angie, Liam, Peter, Glyn, Eric, Brian and myself, although we are all following slightly different schedules a lot of the training we are doing as a group along with others such a Paddy and Luke which is certainly helping.

Well off for tonights run - 14 miles with middle 3 at 10km pace