Friday, 15 May 2015


Well my Cardioversion went ahead on Tuesday and I am glad to say that it was a success and I once again have a regular heartbeat.  Basically the procedure consists of a metal plate being placed upon your chest and another on your back, while an electric current is passed through you stopping and restarting the heart.  If the procedure is a success then your heart beat returns to a regular rhythm.  When thinking about it I keep thinking of a scene from an early black and white Frankenstein film, where The body is lying on the table waiting for the lightning strike to bring the body to life.

I have only done a couple of very easy 5 mile runs since Tuesday and although I am not bounding about like some spring lamb I do feel a lot more comfortable when running than I did prior to the procedure.  Whether this is all in the mind, actually the case or a combination of both I am not sure.  But whatever the case I feel a lot happier and I can now start planning and working towards some races.


Back in May 2011 I published a post about art in running. This week I came across a video celebrating the 61st anniversary of the sub4 minute mile. Entitled IffleyRoad icons which consists of 270 hand drawer frames, featuring icons of British running.

Video from Iffley Road

Friday, 8 May 2015

Then and now


The copy of the race results in my last post got me to thinking.  1997 was a good year for me, the club championships on 1st April were just over 6 weeks before my 40th birthday.  Already that year I had finished 13th in the Morpeth to Newcastle on New Years Day, Finished 7th in the Redcar Half Marathon in 69.56 on a very windy day (the last time I went sub 70 mins) and 3rd counter for the North East team in the Inter Counties 20 mile race held in conjunction with the Spen 20 (14th overall in a time of 1.54.17 - it was won in 1.59.30, this year).

Looking back through my diary There were plenty of other good runs. However, my main targets for that year were to run the first leg at the Masters National Road Relays at Sutton Park on the day of my 40th birthday and come back first, which I did.  And to win the Master's 10,000m championships.  Unfortunately I could only manage second in 32.12.9.


Well I am still just running easy and clocking just over 30 miles per week, trying to maintain a base level of fitness.

Next week, however, I am due to go into hospital for the Cardioversion on Tuesday.  So hopefully I can soon start to slowly build things up fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

That was then.........

Over the last weekend I was clearing out some old stuff and found this set of results from the Club Cross Country Championships of 1997 tucked inside the cover of a book.

Looking through the list of names the main thing that struck me is, unfortunately, that most of them don't seem to be running any longer.

Apart from myself, those that are:

- Phil Walker is now running for Morpeth Harriers.
- Liam Frail is still running but currently suffering from a long term injury.
- Dave Mitchinson has just turned 60 years of age and is plotting a comeback.
- Brian Liddle  was Blaydon's third counter in our recent  Over 55's Bronze medal Team at the NEMAA Cross Country Championships.
- Reg Parker is currently helping out with coaching the youngsters at the club and having ran every Great North Run to date, is getting himself into shape for this year's Run.
- Tony Livingstone, no longer runs but is the 'throws' coach at Blaydon.