Friday, 15 January 2016

Here we go again!

Despite having a heavy cold over the Christmas and into the new year I managed to keep getting the miles in and over the last week or so started back with the speed work.  However, following a couple of mile warm up, as I got into the first of my 4 minute reps - my left hamstring tweaked sharply and painfully, brining the session to an abrupt end.

Although still painful and tight,  hopefully things aren't too bad.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

You're having a laugh

Where will you be on 20th March?  I know where I will not be - Manchester (not that I have anything against Manchester mind you).

I know I haven't been racing for a while and I need to get out more but if you check out the 'Run like a legend 'event taking place in Manchester in March, where the organiser's are inviting us to 'Find your fast over the iconic mile', then you can do for the entry fee of a mere - £24!

Perhaps I am just a miserly old grump but that does seem a little excessive to me, just to run a mile. 

Mind you, with an expected 2000 people (figure taken from thier web site), perhaps they are having a laugh

- All the way to the bank

Monday, 4 January 2016

Out with the old and in with the new

A review of my running for 2015 I'm afraid doesn't make for much shouting about in either quantity or quality.  So at least I can be hopeful of a more successful 2016 with some degree of confidence.  On the race front, I only managed to turn out 6 times over the year (and 2 of those were Park Runs) with the last time being back in July.

Mileage wise, I must admit to being reasonably happy with chalking up 1851 miles for the year, considering the problems I have had(which keeps me nicely on target for my long term goal of reaching 100,000 miles before turning 65 - currently I am at 88,575). Unfortunately most of those miles have been slow and steady.  Mind you three operations in the last three years have done nothing to help my speed but at least I am still running and looking forward to  some improvements during 2016.

I have been thinking about targets for this year and have decided to target 3 'A' races up until July. All are race I would normally do but feel have not performed well in over the last couple of years. Then review where I am at and set targets for the second part of the year. 

The three races will be:

- The North East Masters Cross Country Championships in February
- The Blaydon Race in June
- The Yorkshire Wolds 1/2 Marathon in July