Thursday, 2 May 2019

Project Carbon X

I have posted in the past about the development of running shoes to help athletes improve their performance.  Particularly the Nike Vapourfly and Nike's Breaking 2 project. 

Well, this Saturday, 4th May, sees the Ultramarathon equivalent with Hoka's Project Carbon X. Where Hoka sponsored athletes Jim Walmsley, Patrick Reagan, Tyler Andrews, Mike Wardian, Hideaki Yamauchi and Yoshiki Takada will attempt to break the world record for 100Km.

The current world record stands at 6 hrs 9 minutes and 14 seconds and was established last year by Nao Kazami at the Lake Saroma 100km held at Kikami City.  This bettered the iconic record of 6.10.20 set by Britain's Don Richie, on the Crystal Palace track, back in October 1978.

The Carbon X attempt will take place on the roads of California, starting at Folsom and finishing in Sacramento.  According to the video on the Hoka website the athletes will be aiming for 5.47 per mile pace for the full 62 miles!