Saturday, 30 April 2011

Injury Update No 3

Things are slowly improving on the injury front. I am now running 4 times a week, but still no further than 4 miles. Tomorrow, though, I intend to up it to 6 miles and increase the mileage over the next week.

Fancying a change of scenery I took the camera with me and headed out to the moors, just south of Frosterly in County Durham, for a steady 3 miles:

Monday, 25 April 2011

North Tyneside 10km

Easter Sunday was warm and sunny for the 7th running of the North Tyneside 10km. Mongolian, Batochir, running for Morpeth Harriers, literally ran away from the field to win in a new course record of over a minute, a week after his top 10 placing, in a new Mongolian national record, at the London Marathon.

Second place was Batochir's Morpeth club mate Ian Harding.

Rosie Smith of Durham City Harriers was first lady in a new woman's coarse record.

Some of the Blaydon Harriers that ran North Tyneside:

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Black Callant

Being injured and currently only jogging 15 minutes every other day has allowed me more time to, amongst other things, read more. I have always had an interest in past feats achieved in running and characters such as Captain Robert Barclay Allardice who in 1809 achieved 1000 miles in 1000 hours.

So it was with great interest that I read an article in our local evening paper of a 2 hour feature film to be released late next year of the life of James Rowan.

James Rowan (known as The Black Callant) was in the mid 1800's World Champion for 10 miles at the age of 19. Rowan was born into poverty in Gateshead, but became famous during this age of pedestrianism. He made his fortune in America running against runners such as 'Great American Deer' Dearfoot Jackson.

A showman, Rowan would pull stunts such as drinking a bottle of whiskey during his race (and still win).

He was however abandoned, penniless, in America after refusing to throw a race. He eventually worked his passage back to Britain and returned to Gateshead, where he died once again in poverty, at the age of 27.

The film also investigates his involvement, while in America, of undercover arms dealing between a Tyneside firm and the American Confederates.

Written by Arthur McKenzie, this is a film I will be looking out for.

I also did not realise that The Morpeth to Newcastle road race, which used to, until recently, be held every New Years Day, since the turn of the century was established in James Rowan's memory.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Knee idea

Actually I have got an idea - and a plan - and a relationship to rebuild.

Following last nights visit to the sports injury clinic, I was able to do 10 minutes easy jogging. My lower back and hamstring problem seem to be just about over, but the knees, although much improved still seem to be a bit 'cranky', and are currently taped up to relieve some of the pressure.

So the plan is for an easy 15 minutes tonight. A return to Gym work on Friday and Saturday, 15 minutes easy on Sunday, Gym again Monday, then on Tuesday join Luke at the track, where I will do the warm up with him, before dropping out and watching him through his session. I will also continue with the rehabilitating stretching exercises and icing of my knees.

I will then review the progress made and plan the next week, leading up to my next visit to the clinic the following Tuesday.

As for re-building a relationship - it was rekindled last night - I was gentle on my knees and they responded. But I need to now build on this and listen when they complain, learn to trust them once again and know they will hold out when I ask for that extra effort climbing a hill or the last push at the finish of the race.

And they need to trust that I will listen to them, be aware of how they feel and treat them with care.

Here's to a beautiful friendship!