Thursday, 6 November 2014

Another beer mile world record

Earlier this year I posted about James Nelson who broke the beer mile world record with a time of 4min 57sec.  This is where you have to run 4 laps of the track and drink 4 beers.

Well, in Austin, Texas, Chris Kimbrugh has also took 13 seconds of the women's record with a time of 6min 28sec.

The beer mile also, seemingly, has its own world championships.  Which this year will take place in Austin, Texas on 3rd December.

If you are interested, beer mile records and rules etc. can be found here

Monday, 3 November 2014

How far would you go?

Well according to the Proclaimers they would walk 500 miles then 500 more.

I know they were singing about a girl but isn't running a bit like a love affair?

I was in York over the weekend and as I settled into one of the local hostelries  and sipped at a pint of beer  The beer mat on which I rested my glass informed me that in his 84 years Alfred Wainwright trekked over 100,000 miles, sketching, mapping and writing about everything he saw.

This week will see me reach 86,000 miles since I started keeping a training diary in 1981.  An average annual mileage of 2606 miles.  Of course anyone reading my posts over the last year or so will realise that I am not hitting that sort of mileage at the moment.

However, with seven and half years in which to achieve it I am now setting a long term goal of reaching 100,000 miles before my 65th birthday.