Friday, 13 August 2010

The mind was willing but the body was weak

As the rain stopped and the sun poked its face from behind heavy black clouds it had turned into a perfect night for running. However, As I used the first mile of the planned session of 7 miles fartlek to warm up my body started to protest. Firstly, both knees decided to complain, with pain across both kneecaps and moving up to the outer thigh of my left leg. This was followed closely by a pervading feeling of heaviness and general tiredness as I trudged along. As a result the intended fartlek turned into 7 miles steady.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

10 x 400

10 x 400 with 90 seconds recovery was the order of the day for last nights track session. I am glad to say that despite some initial discomfort the knees held out well as I managed to drag myself around the track in:

78; 79; 78; 77; 77; 78; 78; 79; 76; 77;

I say drag myself around the track as in a conversation with Eddy after the session he said he remembered doing this session in 68's and sure enough a quick look back at my training log for 1997 shows a similar session in 68; 66; 66; 64; 64; 65; 63; 64; 64; 62; and I am sure if I looked further back there are similar sessions in quicker times.

But back to today and I must admit that I enjoyed last nights session and feel things are starting to come together. The knees are a little delicate this morning so an easy 6 miles are on the cards for tonight.

Monday, 9 August 2010

A round up

Time has been tight over the last few days, but not too tight as to interrupt my running - just the time to blog about it. So in summary, I took a rest day on Wednesday, Thursday was a hilly fartlek session of 7 miles with uphill efforts and 2 long flat efforts. At the end of which I felt things are now starting to come together again as although tired I had worked hard and felt strong throughout. Friday, however, saw a recurrence of the knee pain in both knees, but thankfully this time no swelling, so an easy 5 miles was the order of the day.

Saturday, although the knees still painful, I did 7 miles with the middle 3 at tempo. This was followed on Sunday with a steady 15, bringing the weekly total to 47 miles.

Hopefully, this week I will be able to increase the mileage while avoiding any further knee problems.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Its Tuesday night it must be the track

Back to Blaydon track last night, where Alex, Luke and Myself did a session of 16 x 200m with 200m jog recovery. As the old knees have been playing up, I decided to be a little cautious and not try to chase Alex and Luke but aim for a steady 36 / 37 sec per 200. Again it was a blustery night, so I am happy with the way things went with actual times of:

37; 38; 37; 37; 36; 36; 37; 36; 37; 36; 36; 36; 35; 36; 35; 34

And even happier that this morning knees feel ok.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A saga of acknowledgment

In a recent post Terry Lonergan in his blog Running on Empty refered to an article in last weeks Athletics Weekly about Ron Hill - and I can only agree that Ron Hill is a living legend.

Last weeks AW however, also had another article titled The Long Kiss Goodnight written by Will Cockerell which was a light hearted look at athletes growing older or as he put it, as he " grimly peers into the abyss of aging athletics."

Maintaining running and racing as one grows older as a topic has also frequently been refered to in a number of Terry's other posts. (Am I growing paranoid but does everything I read these days refer to growing older - even my mail this morning consisted of a letter/advertisement from Saga).

Anyhow, Will Cockerell's article revolves around attending a meeting (Ageaholics Anonymous) of ageing athletes who have difficulty in accepting the fact that they are getting older. As a result of attending the meeting he is given a 12 step programme for those struggling with the condition:

Step 1 - Acknowledgment
Step 2 - Acceptance
Step 3 - Pluck out all white hairs from head
Step 4 - Reduce alcohol intake to a minimum
Step 5 - Take a weekly massage
Step 6 - Start swimming regularly
Step 7 - Increase strength conditioning and flexibility work in the gym
Step 8 - Run easier recovery days
Step 9 - Leave parties just as they're getting going
Step 10 -Cut out desserts and Frappachinos
Step 11 Replace trainers more frequently
Step 12 Bring bed-time forward by 25 minutes

From a personal point of view I am still probably skirting around steps 1 and 2 (although I nearly read that letter from Saga this morning). However, steps 7 and 8 have definitely sneaked their way into my training schedules and although not to the minimum, alcohol intake has reduced.

Ah - sorry, I have just remembered what is missing from my shopping list - Horlicks!

A steady 6 miles last night, knees still painful but the swelling is down. Back on the track tonight.

Monday, 2 August 2010

End of week summary

The end of last week ended up being a case of just getting some miles in. Friday evening was an easy 3 miler as both knees where very sore, the right one swollen to about twice its normal size.

Saturday morning the plan was for 3 x 1 mile. However, after struggling to do the first mile in 7.06 I scraped the session in favour of a steady 7 miles. The reason for scrapping the session was probably as much to do with a slight over indulgence in Banks' Bitter and a late Friday night/early Saturday morning finish, as to the pain in my knees.

Sunday was a bright and warm morning and the swelling in my knee was just about gone, so it was a steady, relatively flat, 14 miles on the Derwent Walk.