Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I just don't know what to wear

What to wear when you are running, at least for me, is determined not by fashion but the weather conditions and with regards to footwear, the terrain.  Normally at this time of year I am dressing for cold icy winds and possibly snow. However, the mild weather of late has made picking the correct clothing a bit more of a lottery and seen me wearing shorts well into November..

Two weeks ago, last Saturday and I was out running in our first covering of snow.  Only for the temperatures to rise back up to 13C  or so over the following week.

Last Monday evening, training partner Luke and I more or less skated around a very icy 'Blackhill loop'.  While last night we covered the same route in a blustery breeze with temperatures again back up to 11C.

As to whether global warming is to blame for the situation is possibly still open to some debate.  But what I do know is that it is playing havoc with my wardrobe selection. As I frequently find myself 'over heating' while out running.

At least I am still getting out though.  A heavy cold and some family circumstances meant that I was unable to meet my target of returning to racing during November (I am now waiting until the New Year).  But I have been able to maintain my weekly mileage and more lately increase the quality with some structured speed sessions.

So I will be sitting down over the next few days and picking some target races for the New Year.