Friday, 31 July 2015

Return of an old favourite - sort of

The Morpeth to Newcastle Road Race was at one time the countries oldest road race, held every New Year's Day, the event, I believe, began in 1904.  'The Morpeth' was a race I enjoyed (?) on many occasions.

Originally the distance covered between Morpeth and Newcastle was 13.6 miles.  This was extended to 14.1 miles in 1983.  However, following some issues regarding safety precautions the distance was reduced to the standard half marathon distance of 13.1 miles m 2002.

Unfortunately, these safety issues continued and led finally to the event coming to an end, with the last race being held in 2004.  Since then Morpeth Harriers have hosted an 11km race in Morpeth each New Year's Day.

Now, however, there are plans for a new Morpeth to Newcastle Road Race in 2016.  In fact there are plans for two new 'Morpeth's'.  As there will be a choice of a marathon and half marathon' on fully closed roads between Morpeth and Newcastle, with sections of the race encompassing sections of the original route.

The race will not, however, be taking place on it's traditional date of 1st January but the 17th July.

For further details check out @M2Newcastle on Twitter or click here

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon Results

Winner - Phil Taylor

The leading positions for this years race were

1st Phil Taylor (Bridlington RR) - 76.32
2nd Trevor Wicks (Leeds City) - 81.23 - Also first M40
3rd Lindsay Toulon (York Knavesmire H) - 82.00 and 2nd M40

First Lady - Sharon Barlow

First Lady - Sharon Barlow (Darlington H) - 92.09
2nd Tara Spillings (unatt) - 96.53
3rd Cheryl Oakshott ( City of Hull AC) - 99.44

AS for my official result - I finished in 46th position in a time of 99.35.  With regards to my age group, I finished 4th M55.  David Spillings taking the honours in 96.27.

Full results can be found here

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon 2015

As stated in the previous post, my aim for this race was just to get around, hopefully in a time faster than last year.  So as we gathered for the start on the road outside the Bishop Wilton Show Field.  I wormed my way well down in the field.  Opting for a easy start and hopefully being able to work my way through the field.

There had been 158 pre -entries for the race but a flurry of entries on the day took this to over 200 and most of them seemed to be ahead of me as I settled into a steady rhythm.

Although my aim was just to get around in a quicker time than last year, I must admit I did have an eye on a time of around 98 minutes.  Not a fast time by any means but certainly a time that would be a vast improvement on my recent form.

The first mile is a quick mile but I was still surprised to find that I passed the mile marker a minute and a half quicker than I expected from my loose plan.  But still the hills were to come and I had no doubt that I would loose time there.

One of the advantages of starting way back in the field was that, at least the first part of the race, I was passing people all along the way and that included on the hilly sections.  In fact on the long uphill to the finish I was still able to hold my position.

The race was won by, probably the pre-race favourite (at least in my eyes) Phil Taylor of Bridlington.

At the moment I am unable to find a copy of the official results but I think  I managed to finish in about the mid 40's in a time of 99.34.  Just over 6 minutes quicker than last year.  So I have to be satisfied with that.

At least until next year.........................................

Thanks as usual goes to Francesca for the photos.  More pictures of the show can be found

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Old favourite

Well it's that time of year again - mid July and time for the Bishop Wilton Show held in East Yorkshire.

More importantly, as far as I'm concerned - held in conjunction with the show is the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon.  This year will see the 31st running of the event and, if my calculations are correct my 25th attempt.

Start of Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon
When my race number and the race programme arrived on my doormat yesterday it was nice to see that I was still listed as the M40 course record holder at just over 73 minutes.  That was 18 year ago and the second time I had won the race outright.

The last three years have seen poor performances by yours truly due to on-going health problems and unfortunately it looks like a similar story this year.  As a recent visit to the hospital has confirmed that the Cardioversion I underwent in May has not been successful.

Having said that I still feel better than prior to the procedure and at least hope to beat last years time.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Scott Says............

Always run through the finish line

If I ever get anywhere near the front of a race again I will be sure to remember this.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Red Kite Trail Race - results

Further to my post yesterday  - the good news is that I actually finished in 14th position and not 15th as I thought.

For the record the leading finishers were:

1st  Matt Hornsby (Durham City)
2nd Patrick Duffy (Blackhill Bounders)
3rd David Heslop

1st Lady Adele McAteer (Blackhill Bounders) and 11th overall
2nd Lady Lesley Jackson (PB Fitness) and 16th overall

Full results can be found here

Monday, 6 July 2015

Red Kite Trail Race

As we lined up along the side of the road on a sunny Sunday Morning, the ringing of a cow bell got this inaugural 8 mile trail race underway.  The race starting on Dipton Front Street was hosted by Derwent Valley Trail Runners.

Although just working my way back to some fitness, as this race was more or less on my doorstep and the course covered a lot of the paths I run on in training, I felt that I just had to turn out.

I knew it would be a bit of a challenge for me and so it proved.  As we headed out on a short section along Front Street, before turning off and heading down into the valley along gravel tracks, climbing stiles and through the fields until we reached the woods.  With plenty of fallen trees and other such obstacles to navigate.

By halfway I was beginning to struggle and had dropped from 9th place to 12th.  But, by the final 2 mile, consisting of very muddy tracks and mainly uphill  I was definitely floundering and reduced to a walk on some of the hilly sections.

On the final climb up to the finish I was passed by a further two runners and now back in 16th position.  However, as we hit the front street again and the short run in to the finish I managed to muster a sprint finish and pull back one place for 15th.

This was a great little race and with plentiful post race tea, coffee and soup  it is already pencilled into next years diary