Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Another mile record

As the 60th anniversary of Roger Bannister's world record breaking sub 4 minute mile approaches on 6th May, I have noticed a number of athletics magazines such as Athletics Weekly are quite rightly preparing to celebrate the great event.

However, one of the more stranger celebrations must be the first ever sub 5 minute beer mile.  This honour goes to James Nielsen who ran a mile in 4 minutes 57 seconds, while drinking a can of beer after every 400m lap. You can see the record broken here

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Pole pole

When a group of us climbed Kilimanjaro last year our guide told us that for the purpose of acclimatization to the altitude our mantra for reaching the top should be pole pole.

Pole pole is Swahili for slowly slowly, and it looks as though it is a mantra that I am going to have to adopt again.  This time with regards to my running and getting back into some kind of form.

A couple of easy jogs have now been accomplished and although there seems to be no adverse reaction following the surgery, the rest of my body and in particular, my knees are strongly protesting against a return to exercise.

Although it is not going to happen as quickly as I had hoped I am sure that a slow, steady build up will get me back on track.  The Blaydon Race on 9th June still being the target.

So Pole Pole it is then!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Frustration rules

My plan of easing back into things with a few easy jogs seemed to me to be the sensible approach.  However, in reality even this has proved to be a step to far.  Without going into all the gory details it has become obvious that at this point in time even a very easy jog over 2 miles on grass is beyond me and as a result I am side-lined once again.

You can, no doubt, imagine my frustration at the situation.  A frustration which is being heightened by the fact that friends, family and fellow bloggers who run all seem to be going particularly well.  Such as:

Shaun - who ran a solid first leg at last weekends 12 stage and who would not surprise me if he set a new pb at this weekend's London Marathon.

Peter H - who ran a pb for 10km at Blyth last weekend - always a good sign as you prepare for a marathon, in Peter's case Edinburgh.

Peter C - who put in his usual solid performance at the Manchester Marathon on Sunday

Also at Manchester was fellow blogger Andrew Pearson. Read his account of his race here Andrew ran a pb of 2.39.21 and as a result is currently sitting at the top of this years M40 rankings for the marathon!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Looking forward to getting back

It is now just over two weeks since my last bout of surgery and I am really looking forward to getting back into the running.  Obviously I will have to ease myself  into it  but I am really itching to start pounding the roads again.

My short term target, then, is going to be The Blaydon Race on 9th June.  This coincidently was the same race that I came back on following surgery last year.  However, last year I only had 2 weeks between resuming running and the race.  This time around I will have a couple of months!

Talking of pounding the roads.  How many times have you heard people say that all that running can't be good for you and the such like?  We'll a study carried out at Bristol University shows how the opposite may be more accurate.  That pounding the roads is actually good for you.

Although the study confirms that subjecting bones to abrupt stress prompts them to increase mass or at least reduces a loss in bone mass as people get older.  The study also suggests the amount of 'stress' required.  Citing running at a pace of 10 minute miles as a minimum requirement.

Hopefully when I start back, I can at least match that pace to start with.