Friday, 24 April 2015

A quick round-up

Apart from last week, when I had a particularly poor week in running terms.  I have managed to maintain a weekly mileage of 35 miles.  Unfortunately it has all been steady /easy paced running, but it has kept me sane.

But now I have had confirmation that my Cardioversion is to take place on Tuesday 12th May.  So hopefully the end is in sight and I can now look forward to planning a slow build up to, hopefully, some kind of form.


At the end of last month I wrote a post about Nell McAndrew's new book, A guide to running.  Which was published on 9th April.  So it made my day when, this morning, whenI received a text from a friend saying that they had just watched an interview with Nell on Lorraine Kelly's show on ITV and that I had got a big mention

- Thanks Nell!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

What does being a runner say about you?

With the General Election getting ever closer here in the UK, it was interesting to read an article at who were reporting on the findings of a psychological study carried out on behalf of the British Heart Foundation.

The findings suggest that the type of sport we choose say's a lot about our personality traits.  For runners this was that we are more likely to vote Labour.

Alongside being a Labour voter the findings also suggest runners are likely to be extroverts, love being the centre of attention and listen to lively, upbeat music.

The results also indicate that our choice of sport is also an indicator of where we live.  With running being the sport of choice in Newcastle and Leeds.

From a personal viewpoint, I know that I tick some of these boxes (not telling which ones) so maybe there is something in it.

To read the full article and a summary of the other popular sports click here