Thursday, 25 April 2019

Keep on Running

It may have been some time since I posted anything in this blog, but the running has continued.  Continued despite more injuries and further health problems.

Progress towards my target of running 100.000 miles before my 65th birthday has taken a bit of a hit, but with a fair wind, less injuries and hopefully no further health problems, can still be reached. 

Heading out on 3rd leg
My total mileage currently stands at 93,789 miles.  An average mileage of 40 miles per week for the next 3 years will see me reach the target.  40 miles per week, on paper doesn't look daunting but after this last couple of years, it's probably going to be more difficult than it looks. But, then again a challenge is not a challenge if its not challenging.

Trying to conjure up a sprint finish

Good Friday saw me actually racing, my first since last July.  Running 3rd leg for Blaydon's Vet team, I managed 14.45 for the 2.2 mile leg (37 seconds faster than last year) which I must admit to being quite pleased about.

The other results from my team were:

1st leg - Erik Lewis 14.43
2nd leg - Paul Young 14.45
4th leg - David Graham 14.26

We finished in 94th place overall.

Our team was one of 7 Blaydon men's teams running.  Our A team finishing 9th overall.