Wednesday, 31 March 2010

East Hull 20

Well since my last post, with the Marathon only 3 weeks away this Sunday, I have now got the bulk of the training in. Reaching the biggest mileage week of 100 miles two weeks ago I ran the East Hull 20 on Sunday. Although windy conditions may have affected the times, my time was not as quick as I had hoped for. With a time of 2.15.08 I finished 30th overall and first M50. I guess its a case of the mind being willing but the body not able or hopefully just a case of still having heavy legs from the mileage. The race was won by Tom Danby of Pocklington in 1.57.42.

I actually did this race 20 years ago when I won in a time of 1.51 and again the following year when finishing 7th in 1.54.

Last nights session (14 miles with 10 x 90sec with 90 sec jog recovery) was steady rather than anything special due to Sundays race still being in the legs. Hopefully a steady eight tonight will see me running a little smoother.