Friday, 12 June 2015

More running events in the Olympics?

Their have been applications from 26 new sports to be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.  The list of applications includes, Baseball, Sport Climbing, Surfing and Karate, see Inside the Games

No pun intended, but currently the only running orientated event to find its way onto the list is Orientation.  However, Brett Larner in his blog Japan Running News suggests that an Ekiden would be ideal.

For those who don't know an Ekiden , which comes from the Japanese term originally referring to a post-horse or stagecoach which transmitted communication by stages, is a long distance relay running race, usually on the roads.

The Ekiden is very popular in Japan, and although the distance can vary, as can the number of runners.  Brett Larner suggests a course that already exists.  The Hakone Ekiden Day One course which comprises of "five stages, each roughly a half marathon, with 900m of climb on the final stage finishing in full view of Mt. Fuji.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Blaydon Race - Photo's

      Blaydon Race -Twas on the 9th June
On the road to Blaydon  

Thanks to Francesca for the photos - more can be found here

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Blaydon Race 2015

Warm, near perfect conditions greeted the 4000 or so runners for this year's race.  My original plan was to just jog around the course and enjoy the atmosphere as we wound our way along the route made famous by Geordie Ridley.

However, as we lined up on the narrow starting line I spotted someone ahead of me who I recognised and knew would keep a steady pace and my plan changed to tracking them for the first 3 mile and then see what happens

As we got underway I homed in on my unsuspecting pacemaker, only to pass him after about 50 metres.  So much for plans!

As 7.10 pace is the quickest I have ran in the last 4 months (and that was only for 1 mile) reaching the first mile marker in 6.40 I thought to myself that this could get interesting (painful) by the end.  However, I kept it going, passing 3 mile in 19 minutes.

Then just after the 3 mile point as we hit the drag onto Scotswood Bridge I started to slow and I noticed people I had already passed coming back past me.  But, I kept it together and completed the 5.7 miles in 38.22 (chip time 38..09). 55seconds quicker than last year and an average pace of 6.43.

So I have to be happy with that and can now start picking things up a bit in training.  For  the first time in years things seem to be moving forward!

The race was won by Morpeth's Jonny Taylor in 26.25, while Alyson Dixon led home the ladies, finishing in 19th position overall in 29.40.  Full results can be found here

Hopefully my next post will be some photo's from the race.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Getting back into it

Last night I did an 8 mile fartlek session.  This was my first attempt at any kind of speed work since the Cardioversion procedure 3 weeks ago.  The week of the procedure saw me get 18 miles of very easy jogging  in.  The following week I managed 28 miles and last week I up'd it to 43.  All slow and easy miles.

Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon
I am feeling a lot more comfortable when I am running now, which is great, but the problem now is after so many months of slow / easy running it is difficult to pick up the pace for any length of time. So I am viewing last nights session as the start of, "getting back into it".

Although it is a little early to start thinking about racing, my clubs race, 'The Blaydon' is next Tuesday and I intend to just run around the course, treating it as a harder training run and enjoying the atmosphere.

I have also entered the Yorkshire Wolds Half Marathon on 18th July.  Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time will know that this is one of my favourite races.  This will be my 25th time of running it during its 31 year history.  As to whether I will be in any sort of shape to race it rather than just run around remains to be seen.  But, here's hoping!