Wednesday, 8 February 2017

What's your killer session?

To be honest, at present all the sessions I am doing seem to be killing me but an old favourite (?) used to be 20 minute warm up followed by 20 min at 80% effort then up the pace and straight into 6 x 3 minutes - no recovery between the 20 minutes and first 3 minutes, but 2 minutes jog between the subsequent efforts.

I have just been reading through details of other such sessions at Where it lists Julian Goater's 'killer session' as 6 x (2x300m) repetitions on a slight gradient, where you run

downhill at a fast but comfortable pace, followed by 20 seconds recovery, then run back up the 300m.  The aim being to do the uphill section quicker or at least in the same time as the downhill section.

The same website also gives details of a track session Mo Farah completed in his build up to the 2015 World Championships:

All with 2 laps jog recovery and reps carried out at near maximal effort - 1 x mile; 1x1200m; 1x1000m; 1x800m; 1x600m; 1x400m; 1x 200m.

Sounds tough but the website also reports on the times he was doing for the reps:

1 x mile - 3.55; 1200m - 2.57; 1000m - 2.27; 800m - 1.57; 600m - 1.20; 400m - 50 seconds and 200m 25seconds.  Plus the fact that this session was carried out at altitude!

For us mere mortals the stuff of dreams.